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I just finished adding another blog to my repetroire (the one you are reading here). Primarily because I don’t want the content of my SEO endeavors littering up my main journal. I mean, I’m not really even interested in SEO; it’s only a means to an end.

I had this same problem when I added my first site to WordPress 3.x with “multisite” enabled. I shouldn’t be having the same problems over and over again should I; this should be getting easier right?

I remember that I had a really hard time setting up the whole multisite thing last year. And I remembered that there was an article that I had read that really helped “clear the cloud” in my head so I could resolve the problem. But honestly it just took me half an hour to find that article.

Ok so here it is,  WordPress 3.x Multisite Domain Mapping Tutorial written by a guy named Otto. It’s a really well written article for the time that it was written. The screen shots apply to the earlier renditions of 3.x which is why it wasn’t able to help me this time. That the image used for the “domain mapping” didn’t “jive well” with the newer 3.3.2 version of WordPress Multisite that I am using.  Ok so here is the pic of the part of Multisite that was giving me at least half of my problem.

But hey, thinking about the fact that the ‘image’ was off reminded me that I’ve had a lot of really good results in looking for great tutorials when I do image searches in Google. So I whipped up a fresh and away I went.

“WordPress Multisite Domain Mapping” and hmm, lets narrow that down to all of the images created in the past eight months; that’ll do it. Hover my mouse over a few of the images, right-click and open up the ones in a new tab that look exactly like the screen shot from the version I have. Next click on the “Website for this image” link and ah yes here we have it. One of them was a ‘hit’. had exactly the tutorial that I needed. It might bear to mention here that at the time of my writing this I am using HostGator as my site hosting and I have a shared hosting account.

So here is what I forgot to do. is my primary domain and I had mistakingly thought that I needed to add “seotrial” as a subdomain to from inside cPanel. And that kicks off a dusty old rememberance that WordPress multisite doesn’t need me to do that. In fact doing so will ‘lock’ out my ability to ‘park’ onto So once I had deleted the erroneous subdomain from underneath I was then able to go to my cPanel and ‘park’ my “” underneath Doing this automatically created a DNS zone for “” in my WHM (Web Host Management console).

From there I suprisingly didn’t need to do a single solitary thing. I had thought that I needed to edit the DNS zone so that “” pointed to the IP address of (didn’t I have to do something like that before?) .. but nope, all worked just fine!

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